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English Bulldog Health Review

Whether you are an English Bulldog owner or are considering getting one, you should learn everything about this very special and likable breed. The exquisite look of Bulldogs has been accomplished through many generations of special breeding.


This, in turn, resulted in several serious health issues typical of the breed. Jan Oswald’s Bulldog Health System consists of two separate e-books covering the following health problems among many others.


  • The conditions that could be threatening your bulldog’s life right now, and how to recognize them.
  • Proven tips on how to keep your bulldog healthy and happy.
  • How to care for your bulldog easily & cost-effectively.
  • Your Bulldog’s Breathing – how bad it really is.
  • The most deadly of bulldog conditions.
  • The history of the Bulldog breed.
  • What to feed your Bulldog for maximum health.
  • When you should wait and worry and when it’s time to call the vet.
  • Why too much fun with your Bulldog can actually be deadly to their health.
  • The Number One Best Way to keep your bulldog healthy – it’s so shockingly simple!

The Bulldog Health System provides all the information you need, to have a happy and healthy Bulldog. The package includes an audio version of the whole program so you can listen to it while traveling or jogging.


Why are Bulldogs so costly?


Getting a bulldog is not exactly easy on the pocket. The price range of one is estimated to be from $1000 to $1500. Before one purchases a bulldog or before one immediately dismisses the opportunity to own this kind of canine, examine first why they come with a hefty price tag. For a high quality, purebred bulldog, a lot of expenses aside from dedication, time and effort go into the whole breeding process. An average litter is 4 and the female preparations such as ovulation testing are done over a period of days.


Then they are artificially inseminated, of course payment is needed for the donor and weeks of waiting until an ultrasound is done to confirm pregnancy. Blankets, food, heating pads are used to make sure the mother is comfortable and when delivery comes, it’s time to have the C- section. Being fragile little pups, their mother can accidentally roll over them, which brings the need to have people constantly to check up on them. So making a decision to get one is more than just they are cute or I want one, think first about the investment, responsibility, and commitment.


How do you buy a European Bulldog?


Bulldogs are absolutely adorable. Many people agree when they see this broad and short legged canine waddle when it moves from one place to another. They have floppy ear that bounce when the move and a roundish head. Having an under bite, they resemble the appearance of a Pug with big and wide nostrils on compressed muzzle. These are just a few of the physical traits one should look for when wanting to purchase a Bulldog.


But it would need more practice and studying of the breed standard to know if a Bulldog is a genuine purebred or a sub-standard one which is a result of poor and irresponsible breeding. Don’t let the price be a discouragement for it is costly to breed them. Most births need caesarian sections due to the large heads and the life of the mother is also at risk so precautions and stringent guidelines are followed. Having a breeder offer a Bulldog at a more than surprisingly low price should set off an alert for experienced Boxer owners and lovers.  These may not be genuine Bulldogs.


How to train a Bulldog to ride a skateboard


The English Bulldog can give Tony Hawk, professional skateboarder, a run for his money!  Other breeds perform tricks, jump through hoops, or run at great speeds but the bulldog can enjoy the excitement of the X-Games! It is not an easy feat though. Like talented athletes, a bulldog may or may not have what it takes.


Start off by placing a skateboard on a comforter as not to let it slip and call the bulldog to climb it. Wider boards are recommended for stability. Once he’s on it, let him get a feel of it and make himself comfy so calling him on it won’t be a problem.


Next, move to the grass so board movement is slow. When his front legs are up, coax him with food or a toy until he pushes with his hind legs making it move. When this is perfected, start on the pavement but stand by in case he falls. Eureka! A pro is born!


Looking for the effective method to improve your dog’s behavior?


Formerly known as Sit Stay Fetch, the product Secrets to Dog Training has sold over 200 000 copies. The worldwide success is explained by the proven methods the package includes to train any dog to behave well around people and other dogs and obey all the owner’s rules and orders. Daniel Stevens’ Secrets to Dog Training will teach you how to:


  • curb your dog’s aggressiveness
  • make your dog understand what is right and wrong
  • house train your dog
  • stop your dog racing in the house
  • deal with a dominant dog
  • overcome separation anxiety
  • stop your dog jumping on people
  • apply the cutting edge Dog Whispering technique
  • deal with more than one dog in the house
  • stop the family cat being harassed.

Post by dogrox (2017-02-27 15:51)

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